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Convert your time & human intelligence into money

complete simple tasks from your mobile device.
earn airtime or cryptocurrency.

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Here are some of the 100+ jobs you can do right now and start earning money on your phone, paid in airtime

(payments in BTC and ATM withdrawals coming soon)

from home on your phone or computer...

We want you to understand that you don't need an expensive or "new" smartphone. You can use any phone or computer with an internet connection! You can do it - start earning today...

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How it works

It is very easy to get started with sebenz.ai
All you need is a smartphone and a little bit of mobile data.


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Sign up to start working on sebenz.ai using this link:


Do work

Complete the work you are given via your phone. You will receive an SMS when we have work for you to do. The work is easy and we teach you how.


Withdraw earnings

You can withdraw your earnings any time in airtime (mobile data credit). ATM withdrawal and bitcoin withdrawal coming soon.


earn $1.00
paid in mobile credit

Join 1000+ people working on sebenz.ai today!


Listen to audio recordings and type out what your hear. Take a test in your language then start transcribing today.


Tell us what you see in an image. What kind of clothing is it? Are there people in this photo? What brands do you see? Custom use cases available...


Help us build the best open source maps and do "last meter" logistics.

We can build you a custom use case
add a superintelligent API to your project today:


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